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Issue Number 14

January 29, 1953

According to our files in the office, there are many students who transferred to this school without certified true copies of credentials (Form 137 C - Primary, Form 137 B – Intermediate, Form 137 A – High School.) from the schools where they previously studied. It is requested that Form 138 A and Form 138 B must be submitted to the Office as soon as possible to enable us to secure said permanent credentials from the schools where you came from. Remember that promotion of theses students may be withheld without the proper form supporting their present school records.

This is the last announcement regarding the Dormitory and Tuition Fees. The substance of the resolution of the Council on Advice in their last meeting is reiterated again for your attention. “That students must pay their Dormitory fees and Tuition fees on or before the first day of each month beginning January 1953. Boarders will not be allowed to remain in the Dormitory unless they have paid their fees in advance. Students whose tuition fees have not been paid for the current month will not be permitted to attend classes.

The following students: Manuel Wacan, Eduardo Zabala, both 4th year students and Michael Afidchao, Prep B were given one week suspension. They will report before Vespers on Monday, February 2nd.

Mr. Norton left for Manila with Dr. Gesser last Friday afternoon. He is attending the three days convocation. He will leave Manila right after the termination of the convocation and is expected to arrive on Monday, February 1st.

Fr. Diman is also attending the convocation. The Consecration of Bishop – Elect Ogilby will be held on Monday, February 2nd. He is the choice of Fr. Ogilby to sing the Litany at this solemn service. He is missing the Sagada Town Fiesta.

Hospital News Items: Mrs. Paul Bacdayan gave birth to a baby boy by caesarian delivery last January 22nd at the St. Theodore’s Hospital. Both mother and child are well. The baby weighed six pounds and six ounces at birth.

The outside comfort room of St. Theodore’s Hospital is undergoing construction. It is hoped to be finished soon and shall be of service.

The W.A. of Sagada are busy sewing Fiesta dresses and shirts for the Sunday school pupils. The piece of cloth came from Sister Lioba – The Sister Superior of St. Mary’s Convent.

“Saints’ Rabbits!” – Beginning January 21st, which is St. Agnes’ Day, four cute rabbits were born onto this world. They were named Mopsy, Flopsy, Patsy and Napsy. On January 27th – St. Crisostom’s Day, six rabbits were born, 3 white and 3 black ones. Then today, which is the feast of St. Francis de Sales two were luckily born. How delighted the orphans are to know that even Mother Rabbits have Saints. True, as Miss Tomlin commented that “The Orphans” Rabbits are surrounded by Saints (she means the children who work day after day to look for rabbit’s food as grass and camote leaves) that is why they choose saints’ day as their birthday.

Monthly class meetings of the Seniors – Mr. Manuel Wacan acted as the presiding officer. Several business were taken up. The meeting was especially highlighted by the election of new Class Officers for the second semester. The following are the outgoing and incoming officers, respectively:

President - William Chugsayan - Maria Aligmayo
Vice President - Manuel Wacan - Rosita Equitan
Treasurer - Maria Aligmayo - Dolores Pulido
Secretary - Mercedes Tenorio - Oscar Montoya
Sgt-at-Arms - L. Mangusan - J. Diwayan
Wm Chugsayan Mary Pachao

Except for the first four officers, the rest were appointed by the President as decided by the class. – O. Montoya

Guardians and Parents of Boarders in the Boys’ Dormitory are asked to note that:

In view of lack of funds coming from America to support the Dormitory, as there used to be during the Prewar times, we ask you please to pay the board for your children in order to help or keep the dormitory going. May we reimd you tah unless you pay the board for your children in advance, we shall not be in a position to keep your children in the dormitory. As was written in a previous issue in the Postboy, boarders who fail to pay their fees in advance beginning January 1953 are asked to pack up their things and go to live elsewhere. In the Registrar’s Book, it shows that we have gone very much in debt during the previous two years. Since the financial maintenance of the Dormitory comes from you, we therefore ask you to pay your children’s boarding fees every beginning of each month. Also, please be informed that, to lessen the work of the Registrar, who is also a member of the faculty, the Principal has decided that boarding fees will be paid directly to Miss Tomlin, Boys’ Dormitory Treasurer. Your consideration in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - L. Mangusan

Sister Teresa, SSMV has designed a new super frontal for the high altar in the church especially for fiesta. It is being woven on the big loom in the convent by the Sisters. They plan to have it finished for this Fiesta. The new frontal is white with bands of Virgin-blue, gold center Cross and pink amaryllis flowers.. The fringe is white and blue. – Sister Kiara, SSMV

The Lyceum for the past month has looked sad and deserted. Tall grass had grown all around the building so that one could hardly find his way to the entrance. But that is all changed since the Gulian’s went to live at the Lyceum. If the grass were wheat, Mr. Gulian would have had a good harvest.. together with Mr. Gulian, Mr. Laus and the Bagnin boys formed a clean-up team which has started cutting up grass and generally cleaning up the surroundings. Now, pupils of the Sagada Central School have also joined in the undertaking. Last Tuesday, they polished the floor of the building making it smooth and slippery for the next dance. All of us who enjoy using the Lyceum should be most grateful to all these people who have so generously given their time and strength to make the Lyceum and its surroundings more beautiful. The Central School pupils should be especially commended for their helpfulness in a project which benefits the whole town. – Inez Killip.

Beginning Tuesday, February 3rd, all books and magazines borrowed for St. Mary’s Library must be returned for check up. The purpose of the checking of books is to see whether there are books lost or missing. Every reader of the Postboy, please help in informing others about the returning of books. – Librarian.


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