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Issue Number 3

November 20, 1952

The Third Marking Period ended on November 14th. Nearly all teachers had their marks on the cards on time and the averaging was completed on the following day. Announcement of results were made before Chapel on Monday morning. A list of Honor Roll students (those whose average was 90 or over) was read as well as the winners of the Pocketbooks.

Honor Roll for the third marking period = Fourth Year: Oscar Montoya – 90; Maria Aligmayo – 90; Estelle Diwayan – 92; Third Year: Elizabeth Agpad – 90; Caroline Buteng – 92; Robert Longid – 94; Cristina Batore – 95. First Year A: Aurora Taguiba –90. None of the other sections had honor students, although there were a number with an 89 average.

Winners of the Pocketbooks
were: 1V- Lucien Mangusan and Maria Aligmayo tied for greatest improvement during the period; 111- Also a tie between Julian Magalgalit and Bernard Umangil; 11A- John Alipit; 11B- Alice Egsaen; 1A- Melchora Capuyan; 1B- Franklin Aben; Prep A – Cristina Sapat; Prep B – Benjamin Botengan; Prep C – Ana Pulao; Grade 6- Harry Dageo-a; Grade 5 – Anselmo Pekas.

The Christmas vacation has been changed by a vote of the Faculty in their meeting of November 17th. Instead of closing on the 22nd as given in the calendar, classes will be continued until December 24th. As no school Christmas entertainment can be held until after the midnight mass, the Entertainment committee plans to have the school party in the evening of Christmas Day. According to custom, St. Theodore’s Hospital will have its pageant on Christmas morning, the Orphanage will have theirs in afternoon. Classes will be resumed on Thursday, January 8th. Dormitory students should be back before Vespers on the 7th.

Half around the World is a long way, but almost half around the world is just how far we came. It took us 1 month and ten days, by car and train, boat and bus, with a few stops here and there to break the journey. One unusual and amusing thing about our Norwegian ship, was having cheese on the table for breakfast. But some of us enjoyed more the good apples. They saved the days, when instead of climbing up and down mountains, the mountainous waves moved up and down under us. To me, the most beautiful part of the whole thousands of miles was the sight of the rice terraces around Sabangan. And the most welcome part was the sight of the hundreds of loving faces meeting us outside our Convent home. We are grateful to the prayers sent up the world over for being safely and happily here. – Sister Kiara, CSM

St. Gregory the Great – Bagnen celebrated its 23rd Church dedication on November 15-16. 1952 by having athletic games. St. Gregory's team beat the St. James Besao team in basketball and in softball. St. Mary's teams won in all the games they participated in. Softball against St. Gregory’s 15-33 plus 1 inning. Volleyball versus Bagnen Elementary School with straight sets of 10-21 and 8-21. Basketball Data’s team was highest in the high jump and Matias Ateoan and Barnabas Omengan ran first and second respectively in the 200 meter dash.

The boys of St. Mary's School supplied the day’s and evening’s activities with music under the leadership of Lucien Mangusan and Mr. Manuel Wacan. St. Mary’s delegation wish to express their thanks for the kindness, respectfulness and generous hospitality of the pupils, people and teachers of Bagnen.

Improvement of St. Gregory the Great – Bagnen is wonderful. The classrooms are well-lighted and ventilated due to the suggestions and generosity of Mr. Norton who had given the glassed windows that replaced the former GI windows. Its library has hundreds of books that are inducive and conducive to learning, has nice ball grounds with well kept track leading to them and a garden that looks like the wonderful rice terraces of Ifugao. It is not a wonder why pupils of St. Gregory’s School are doing fine in the classroom, athletic-minded and industrious. Improvements are still progressing and that in the future it will be a little hidden city of the north worth visiting. – A. Batnag.

From the Midland Courier – “To the Editor and Staff of the Sagada Postboy: Thank you for sending us your first issue. It was very well done, in the best tradition of Sagada. Welcome to the fraternity.” Signed by Mr. S.R. Afable

Mr. Knoles last Monday visited our school. Our principal invited him to the Physics class and he gave us a nice talk about his work. He told the class that before he came to the Philippines, he stayed in Java. His firm worked on Malay palm fruits. He said they extracted the oil of these palm fruits which is used for many purposes. After his stay in Java, he came to Manila. He is at present working in the Philipine Refining Company. He told us that they extract oil from copra and make many things out of it such as Covo shortenings and soaps. Two of the products are Lux and Lifebouy. He also told us that his wife sings with the Holy Trinity choir in Manila, and both of them go to church there. – Juliet Diwayan.

The Physics Class went to Latang where the brook comes out from under the road. Their main objective was to figure out how much water power could be developed there. As soon as the gang reached the river, they divided themselves into pairs and went on with their problem. Most of the measurements were done by calculation. Results of the study will be reported later.

Mrs. Diman returned from Baguio Tuesday. Fr. Diman is expected back from Manila the last of this week or early next week.

Mr. and Mrs. Henton of Besao are taking the classes for Mr. and Mrs. Norton who leave for Manila tomorrow morning. Mr. Norton is attending a Conference of Principals of High Schools to be held at the University of the Philippines.

Flash: Thanksgiving Day has been declared a National Holiday by the President. This was heard by Miss Tomlin over the radio this morning.

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