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Issue Number 2

November 13, 1952

Typhoon Bess hitting Sagada this morning caused the suspension of classes today. There had been light continuous rain during the night, which became very heavy before 8:00 am, when schoolwork was supposed to start. Winds were light and caused little damage in Sagada.

The Council of Advice first meeting of the year was held on Tuesday, November 11th. Present were Bishop Wilner, Fr. Diman, Fr. Longid, Mrs. Diman, Miss Tomlin, Mr. Yodong, Mr. Piluden and Mr. Norton. Fr. Pekas was invited to attend in place of Fr. Masferre. Fr. Diman’s financial report showed a large deficit, chiefly due to Boy’s Dormitory and school fees not being paid. Among resolutions passed to meet their situation were these two:

Dormitory students beginning with January 1953 are not to be allowed to remain in the dormitory unless their fees have been paid on or before the first day of the month. (For January 1953, the first school day after the holidays is January 6th.)

School tuition fees must also be paid on or before the first day of the month. Students whose fees have not been paid will not be permitted to attend class.

The third faculty meeting of 1952-1953 will be held at Mr. Norton’s residence on Monday, November 17th. (This was wrongly announced for the 10th in the 1st issue of the Postboy.)

Four pigs are being fed in the pleasant yard between the basketball court and Mr. Tade’s cottage. Scraps from the Boys’ Dorm are used so no expense for food are involved. L. Mangusan, the well-liked senior student of the Boys’ Dorm is in charge. Across the path on unused rocky land of the Dormitory gardens, a small hen house and chicken yard is being built. The boys will start with one cock and four hens. With Lucien’s moderate and efficient management, the Dorm boys are living happily and peacefully and considering themselves as brothers. (Leonard Aclop, Chairman of Section 11B)

The Student Council was organized under the initiative of Mr. Norton and with the cooperation of the students. Members of the Council were taken from the different sections:
George Tamking IV - Chairman
Betty Batnag I - Member
Robert Longid III - Vice Chairman
Francis Tade I - Member
Dencio Comafay IV - Secretary
Richard Abeya PA - Member
Eduardo Biag III - Sgt-at-Arms
Jude Ofoob PB - Member
Jose Puclay IIB - Sgt-at-Arms
Mary Lumaban - Gr 6 - Member
Inez Killip - IIA - Member
Emily Arciso - Gr 5 - Member

Boy Scouts of St. Mary’s School Troop 56 went to Danum after mass last Saturday, November 9th. James impac, first class and Alfredo Zabala, first class passed their requirements for Merit Badge on swimming. James Yodong, Paulino Gayagay, Alban Tade and Paul Loyosen made advancements in scouting. (G. Tamking - Sr. Student)

Fr. and Mrs. Diman went with Bishop Wilner to Bontoc after the Hospital and School Council of Advice meetings Tuseday noon. They left Wednesday morning for Baguio. Mrs. Diman will stay a few days in Brent School. Sam graduates this coming June. Fr. Diman goes to Manila and he is expected back in about ten days.

Boy’s Scout Week of 1952 was very successfully carried out Besides the Court of Honor held on November 5th as was reported last week, other events drew large crowds of spectators. On Friday, October 31st, a torch parade drew the people to the Olympic Theater where camfires and various programs were held, On Saturday, scouts cleaned the Campo Santo and the paths leading to it. Sunday, scouts in uniform attended the Sung Mass after which scout contests were held. St. Mary’s scouts were first in Knot tying and verbal relay. Ambasing won the signaling. A mass investiture of newly registered scouts was held in front of the public library on Monday. On Thursday afternoon, handicraft exhibits in the Public Library preceded the Court of Honor in the evening. The theme of the week was "For Greater Service" (Robert Longid)

Welcome and Farewell - Sisters Mary Oliva, Lioba and Kiara arrived as scheduled on Monday’s first bus. They were met with a very happy gathering of students and friends.. At. Vespers immediately following their arrival, a Te Deum of thanksgiving was said in the church. Deaconess Ashcroft left for Manila on a vacation this morning.In spite of the rain, the dorm girls were present to wave goodbye. She will be stationed in Tadian as soon as her residence is built. The third year students are looking forward to having Sister Kiara for their Biology teacher. Mr. Killip had to shoulder the responsibility and did a fine job during the absence of Sister Lioba.

St. Mary the Virgin Parish, New York City, not Sagada, will make the first gift magazine subscription to the Sagada Library. At their October meeting of their Women’s Auxiliary, Mrs. Nancy Yao, delegate of the Philippine WA to the triennial meeting in Boston, spoke about the church’s work in the Philippines. Her hearers voted to send magazines and asked for suggestions as to what would be most acceptable.

The St. Mary’s Library thanks Miss Mary Baxter, a recent visitor to Sagada for a gift of about thirty copies of for a gift of about 30 copies of various magazines. Non-current magazines are in great demand for home reading by the Sagada Community; there is a big turnover.

Agusto Cunning writes from Fort William McKinley, Rizal. "We have just finished infantry training and started real artillery training... it is very hard and needs geometry, physics, etc. We mountaineers are not behind, we are even ahead of others. Basilio and I are gunners, sometimes we act as firers and loaders. Our graduation is in December." When called by the army, Agusto was a senior and Basilio was a junior.


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