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The Sagada Postboy

The official publication of the students of St. Mary's School, Sagada, Philippines. Campus and community news, igorot culture and environmental toursim.

First Issue

November 6, 1952

A St. Mary’s School Weekly has long been needed. At the meeting of the Student council with the Registrar and Headmaster it was decided to start one at once. It was agreed that the name should be the Sagada Postboy, that the paper should be issued before the Vespers every Thursday, that the paper should be the joint responsibility of the school Administration and the Student Council, and that it should be a type of publication of interest to the whole Sagada community.

Announcement, news items, and other material must be submitted to the Office before 3:00 P.M. Thursday – the paper’s "dead line". To ensure publication material should be sent in earlier, as soon as it is ready.

The School’s Council of Advice’s first meeting of the year, will be held on Tuesday, November 11th, immediately after St. Theodore’s Hospital’s Council of Advice Meeting.

Sister Lioba, Sister Mary Oliva, and Sister Kiara arrived in Manila at noon on November 5th on the M. S. Taiwan, a Norwegian Freighter They are expected in Sagada the end of this week or early next week.

The Third Marking Period Ends November 14th. Teachers will please have all marks written on the cards before noon of that day, so that averaging for the Pocket Book prizes for the student of each section who makes the most improvement can be done Friday afternoon.

The next meeting of the Faculty will at the headmaster’s house on Monday, November 10th, at 3:30 P.M. As in the least meeting the next important business will be the check up of the deficient students’ marks ad consideration of what can be done to help them.

Christmas Entertainment Planning has already started. The Faculty Committee appointed by the School:- Miss Tomlin-Chairman, Miss Busacay, Miss Piluden, Mrs. Killip. Mr. and Mrs. Gulian. Mr. Ullocan. Mr. Batnag, and Mr. Basco.

The Carpenters’ Activities. Since the opening of the school shop, the student carpenters under the guidance of Mr. Basco made various community improvements. They made seats, pingpong tables, office desks and other furniture for St. Mary’s School materials, some of he carpenters are given projects to do which are to be sold to interested buyers.

Boy Scouts and Explorer Scouts Activities. The Boy Scout Week began October 31st and ended November 6, 1952. On foundation Day, members of Post 11 and Troop –56 participated in all events of the whole Sagada composite affairs, such as campfire, cleaning the town cemetery, and attending church services. There were various exhibitions shown at the Amphitheater. The court of Honor was held on November 5th in which some of the scouts received their pins signifying their advancement in scouting.

Home Economics. Home Economics is divided into different groups. They are sewing, knitting, cooking, crocheting and drawing. After every six weeks these groups rotate to give every girl a chance to find out for herself which of there is fir for her. Mrs. Norton teaches drawing so that some girls may develop their love for art. Under Mrs. Gulian cooking is taken up to prepare girls for their future life. Crocheting is taken under Miss Piluden and girls learn how to make use of odds and ends for something useful. All things learned in home Economics are supposed to be of used to the girls for their lives after leaving school. They should take advantae of these opportunities while they are here.

Flash. His telegam just received by Deaconess Ashcroft.
"Will arrive Sagada Monday. Love to all." – Sister Lioba.

St. Mary’s Library has started a new service for making possible fuller use of reference books needed by many students of different classes. The books can be borrowed after 1:50 P.M., and must be returned before 8:00 A.M. of the next school day. At present the books are placed in a Closet C near the library. A new library l\desk is to be made to contain overnight reference books.

The Bagnen Fiesta will be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 15th and 16th. St. Mary’s teams are invited to participate. Dormitory boys are permitted to leave after 2:30 P.M., Friday, November 14th and must be back on Sunday before Vespers. The full schedule of the Fiesta is posted on the St. Mary’s bulletin board.

Manuel Wacan, Scout master of Troop 56, received a special award from the Philippine National Scout Association for good work done in an accident. A weapon carrier between Sabangan and Bauko fell off the road. Manuel was not injured; he did good first aid work for a number of passengers who were badly hurt.

Wildren Piluden and Albert Bangsail are planning to raise pigs and chickens on ten hectares of land in Tabuk. They have already cleaned one hectare for crops. The first to be put in was papaya. They are also planning to plant popcorn. A head of cabbage cost eighty centavos in Tabuk. It is a pioneering community were hard work offers many opportunities.

The Postboy will be distributed to each of the eleven sections of St. Mary’s for posting in the classrooms. Copies will also be given to neighboring elementary schools. Other schools that are sending their publications to the St. Mary’s Library will receive the Postboy in exchange. Mission stations of the Diocese and individuals supporting the school will be on the free mailing list.

The yearly subscription will be One Peso. Price per issue will be three copies for ten centavos. These prices do not include postage.


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