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Issue Number 11

January 15, 1953

The Fourth Marking Period ended on December 24th. There were thirteen students who made the honor roll (Average Mark – 90 or above) for this period: - Fourth Year = Estelle Diwayan – 92; Maria Aligmayo – 92; George Tamking – 91; Oscar Montoya – 90; Eduardo Zabala – 90, Third Year = Robert Longid – 95; Cristina Batore – 94; Caroline Buteng – 93; Elizabeth Agpad – 91, 11-A = Inez Killip – 90, 1-A = Rosaline Suloen – 92; Aurora Taguiba – 91, Grade 6 – Maria Antonio – 91

Winners of the pocketbooks for the greatest improvement during the period were: Grade 5 – Rose Chugsayan; Grade 6 – Florence Bangogan and Paul Loyosen, a tie; Prep C – Fernando Akilit; Prep B – Aurea Malidong; Prep A – Jose Siaed; 1-B – Arthur Bacolong; 1-A- Francis Buyagan; 11-B- Julia Lawana, Jose Buclay, a tie; 11-A- Elsie Laeyan; 111- Julia Bing-il; 1V- Lucien Mangusan

Delegates to Convocation from Sagada are: Mr. Teofilo Killip, Mr. Matthias Bawayan and Miss Rosaria Yoshikawa. Fr. Diman will leave on Monday, January 26th. He will stay for the Consecration of Bishop-Elect Ogilby on the 2nd, the Feast of the Purification. Fr. Ogilby has asked him to sing the Litany at this solemn service. Mr. Norton will leave on the 24th and will be back in Sagada on the first. During his absence, Mr. Piluden will be in charge of the school.

On December 26, 1952, an outdoor party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Norton. Almost all of the children of the Mission workers were invited. Miss Weizer, with 2 Brent students joined the party. The children enjoyed the delicious drinks which Mrs. Norton prepared. When they were through eating, they played a game called “The Secret Treasure”. The big ones were selected to play it. Mr. Norton distributed three different colors of cards to each of the three leaders. Each group had a card. The first card gave instructions where to find the second card and the same thing with the rest until the sixth card was found.Each leader with his group searched for his own color. The cards were hidden near the shop, convent, operating room, stable, and home economics building. The pink group found theirs first and won the first prize. After the game, the children went inside and everybody received his gift. Mr. Lucien Mangusan was Santa Claus. The children went out with gleaming eyes full of joy. – by R. Abeya

Sagada Milestone. Awaw-a, 80, the grand old man of the Lusban Dap-ay of Demang died at his home after more than a month’s illness of suspected stomach ache. He died at 2:00 last Tuesday afternoon and was just taken to the caves this afternoon following the pagan burial customs. Surviving are his wife, 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren, and 8 great grand children.

Lucien Mangusan celebrated his 25th birthday anniversary which fell on the 15th of January in a simple and quiet party with his dormitory room mates and a visiting friend, Crispo Batnag, a Sagada boy studying in Manila. Let us all wish him the best of everything all through the coming year.

Mrs. M. Dewey announced the birth of a baby girl, born last Friday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock. The baby weighed 5 ½ pounds. Both mother and baby are fine. The Postboy wishes to send the new father who is at present studying in St. andrew’s Seminary, Quezon City, the good news. The hospital reported four other maternity cases during the past week. They are Mrs. Binbinen of Bila who gave birth to a baby girl weighing 7.4 lbs on the 11th; Mrs. Bagongon of Takkong had a baby boy weighing 6.12 lbs on the 13th, Mrs. Lopez of Sagada a boy weighing 7 ½ lbs also on the 13th and Mrs. Atiwag of Antadao who just gave birth to a baby boy weighing 4.9 lbs this morning. All mothers and babies are doing fine. – by R. Longid.

A tremendous amount of service is being rendered by St. Theodore’s Hospital Well Baby Clinic to babies in and around Sagada. The clinic is held every Saturday morning. Mothers bring their babies to the Clinic for check up and for treatment. Three-month old babies receive injections against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus ( a series of three injections). After that they receive a yearly booster dose. Every so often, Mr. Kinsay, the Sanitary inspector vaccinates the babies. Sick babies are brought to the Doctor. Cod liver oil is given out free. The babies are weighed every Saturday. On a sunny Saturday, 70 to 100 babies come. In 1951, a total of 3, 235 babies were brought to the clinic; in 1952 – 3,813. The clinic was opened in December 1950. At the start it was a Sick Baby Clinic because there was much illness among the babies but now it is really a Well Baby clinic. As a result of its work, the number of babies treated at the hospital in 1952 was 2,000 less than the previous year. – by C. Batore

St. Mary’s Intermediate defeated Sagada Central School in a basketball game on the recently improved Civic Center Court, Monday.

The Seniors very much enjoyed a dinner given them by Miss Tomlin and Miss Reiley Sunday evening. The radio furnished music. To be remembered was William and Estelle’s exhibition waltzing, the blindfold pinning of the donkey’s tail and presents for everybody. -By M. Tenorio

The Physics Class had an evening laboratory experiment to test the candle power of a lamp and a lantern. Then the working of the film projector lantern was studied. We really enjoyed the evening class because while we were studying the mechanism, we were also viewing some beauty spots of Sagada filmed by Franklin Aben. – by O. Montoya

O Buster, Buster Brown
Who’s stupid as a clown
You don’t even know the meaning
Of the order – “Buster, Down!”
You watch for rats that rush
Off into the tangled bush
But you can never catch them.

Day by day you keep on barking
At visitors who come a-knocking
Upon Miss Tomlin’s door
Day by day you go to school
But you haven’t learned a single rule
You only sleep upon the floor.

Oh Buster, Buster Brown
Why wont you learn to mind?
When your kind friends are away
Will you go to church and pray
No, you wont, Buster Brown
For you’re stupid as a clown.
- by R. Abeya


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