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Issue Number 9

January 1, 1953


Julian Magalgalit and Leonard M. Aclop are doing the work for this special issue of the Postboy as Mr. Piluden is in Tabuk and Lucien is in Abra.

The thirty-fifth Annual Convocation of the Missionary District of the Philippines will be held at St. Luke’s Compound, Wednesday through Friday, January 28 – 30, 1953.

The Consecration of the Reverend Lyman Cunningham Ogilby as the Second Suffragan of the Missionary District, will take place at St. Luke’s Pro-Cathedral on the Feast of the Purification, Monday, February 2, at 9:30 am. This is the same date as the fiesta in Sagada, which makes it rather difficult for delegates from this place to attend.

Christmas at Sagada begins with the solemn midnight mass at which most people made their Christmas communions. The other services on Christmas day were low mass at 6:30 am, sung mass at 8:30 am and Vespers and Benediction at five in the afternoon.

St. Theodore’s Hospital had their pageant Christmas morning. From the announcement to the flight to Egypt the story was shown beautifully. The packed social hall of the hospital was a very appreciative audience. Then Santa Claus came for the children and other patients.

St. Mary’s School Christmas program was held in the Lyceum in the evening of Christmas Day. Nearly every section in the school had a part and all the items on the program showed the result of the careful preparation of Miss Tomlin and others on the Committee. Especially good were the fifth grade play “Welcome the New Year” and the Tagalog play coached by Mr Ullocan. The hit of the evening was the “Night before Christmas” translated into Igorot by Mrs. Killip and recited by Roberto Omengan who showed remarkable skill as an actor. Then came Santa Claus with bags of peanuts and candy for 700 guests. The dance which followed completed most enjoyably the celebration of Christmas day.

Clean-up. When the students of St. Mary’s School left for their Christmas vacation on the twenty-sixth, the boys in the dormitory cleaned the classrooms and the boys’ dormitory. The bell rang and it was twelve. We had not yet finished our work. One boy went to cook our food and others continued the work until it was time for dinner. When other students of this school come back, your classrooms will be ready for class work.

The orphans had a good time during the holidays and also gave a large group of Sagada children much pleasure. This year, for the first time, their pageant was given out-of-doors. After the program, Santa Claus was seen his wobbling way down the hillside, and presents were distributed to all. Sunday evening, a repeat performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was given for the benefit of the Mission staff and other guests. Today, the orphans are being treated to a party in Besao by Mr. and Mrs. Henton.

Picnics. On December 28th, ten girls and six boys left in the dormitory, picnicked under the pine trees above the girls’ dormitory. We enjoyed it very much especially as David Bacayan of St. Andrew’s Seminary was with us. Today, we had another picnic at the Latang River where it comes from under the rocks. We sat around the fire and roasted Vienna sausages. Having finished lunch, we played different games.

Many guests visited Sagada during the holidays. Sam Diman, home for his last Christmas vacation before entering college in America, brought a couple of boys with him. Also from Brent were Miss Weizer with Florence and Raymond Loh. From the National Council of the Church, there was a photographer taking pictures of the people coming out from church and of village scenes. From the University of the Philippines came Miss Hassel and the McIntyres. Professor McIntyre is a Fullbright lecturer on geography. Ruth Dale, a recently appointed nurse at St. Luke’s was much impressed by the fine work the hospital here is doing. Today, the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Admiral Spruance and Mrs. Spruance are expected and will stay with the Diman’s. Mr. Pacyaya from Baguio Colleges and Mr. Busacay from UP were among the many Sagada people returning to be with their families for the holidays.

Some of the landscapers have been doing useful word and earning a little money since school closed. They graded the town basket ball court and built a grass covered seat on the far side of the court, and under Mr. Daoas’ supervision, rearranged the library. They also made good paths to the graves at the foot of the Mission gardens.

The Christmas program of the Sagada Central Elementary School was held on Friday evening, December 19, at the Civic Center. All the grades had a part. Particularly good was the Pageant of the Nativity by the Grade V1 and Grade 111 pupils. The many carols that accompanied this pageant were sung in parts. Ambasing Elementary School had an equally elaborate program at the same time in their school building.


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