10 thoughts on “Bomod-ok

  1. Postcard-worthy shot! 🙂 I visited Sagada but due to limited time, i wasn’t able to see the falls. Looking at the photos you took makes me want to go back for this. 🙂

  2. ive been to sagada,and its a great expirience yet its a very long walk to do,but after the tiring walk youll see the reward…its very good also for soul searching…:)

  3. i have been there last december, and i have a lot of fun there, i went to hanging coffins, sumaguing cave, check my pics on my face book dami ko kuha….

  4. hindi ako magsasawang bumalik sa lugar na ito, napakaganda ng place, ang babait ng mga tao, sulit ang travel,worth it ang hirap mo pagpunta dito, try ninyo para maexperience din niyo ng naexperiences ko./

  5. korek…sagada has the potential to be a top tourist destination. however, we cannot afford to commercialize it for other purposes.

  6. My friend and I went to Sagada last November and stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. We had the chance to experience the Majestic Bomod-Ok Falls. We had to trek for an hour which was really worth it since the place is so beautiful.

  7. i didnt wish any hot spot in da phil to go to but SAGADA is my ultimate dream place to visit… some says “sagada…. puro bundok” i dnt care coz da 1st tym i set my eyes to SAGADA’s picture i dont know pero pinangarap ko n ang SAGADA n puntahan….
    but sad to say i guez it will never happen….

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