As of October 27, 2016
Typhoon Lawin aftermath Sagada tourists assistance

Good day everyone!

After an emergency meeting called for by our Sagada Innkeepers and Homestays Association (SIHA)
President at the Ganduyan Inn yesterday at 2:00PM, together with some of our SIHA officers and the Sagada Operators and Drivers Association (SODA) officers, these are among those we discussed, FYI:

*With the imminent long weekend and peak season, booking cancellations by guests have been apparent due to the road conditions leading them here, largely by the current state of the Samoki and the Sabangan bridges after typhoon Lawin. Despite that, Sagada is still expecting a great number of visitors and locals alike, to come, especially for the “panag-apoy”/All Souls Day and other coming weekends after that. That’s why, the SODA have been willing to station their vehicles at bridge cuts to transport travelers coming to Sagada. For our guests information, these are the rates:

  • P60/pax from Sabangan-Sagada (20 pax minimum)
  • P40/pax from Bontoc-Sagada (20 pax minimum)

For guest groups who cannot meet the minimum number of passengers per jeepney, must pay for the sitting capacity rate of P1,200 and P800 from Sabangan and Bontoc respectively.

*Though the balsa is available at the Sabangan bridge, there has now been a foot bridge to help travelers cross to the other side of the river at no cost. Compared to the balsa wherein they charge P20/person and P200/motorbike. Luggage such as the “maleta” shall be equally charged at P20.00. So please advise guests to travel light.

*For guests who insist driving in, we are still waiting for word from the Mayors of both municipalities after having asked for their assistance in helping provide secured pay parking areas for tourists and locals who wish to leave their own vehicles within the areas, without the worry of their automobiles’ safety as they continue their trip to Sagada. Will be updating everyone the soonest we hear from the office of the Honorable Mayor Franklin Odsey of Bontoc and Honorable Mayor Venancio Lipawen of Sabangan. Lodging houses/transients for drivers who wish to stay with their vehicles as well shall soon be posted especially at the Sabangan area.

*For the more adventurous guests who insist in bringing their vehicles all the way to Sagada, the Baguio-Bauko-Tadian-Nakawang-Besao-Sagada route is passable. Though its only 25 kilometers from Tadian, it is a winding and rough road. Rarely could you go 30 kph hence the long drive. WARNING:This route is NOT for the feint of heart. Light vehicles with front drives and high vertical clearances are greatly recommended. Dirt bikes would easily manage. ***DRIVE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

*Let us all please help in disseminating word to our guests that Sagada is, despite the storm, BACK TO NORMAL. Power and signal are restored. Fuel supply (LPG, diesel, gasoline & kerosene) is slowly being brought back to normal as the suppliers traverse the Nakawang Road in hopes of bringing us these needs. Grocery supplies are also in no problem of shortage.

Thank you.

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Photo Credit: Eva Rachael Falag-ey on Facebook

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