From Manila, you can reach Sagada by passing through Baguio.

In Manila, take either Dagupan, Victory, Rabbit or Dangwa to get to Baguio. Preferably take the 11PM, 12midnight, or 1AM trip so that you can sleep on the way then reach Baguio at dawn.

In Baguio, take the GL/Lizardo Bus to get to Sagada.

Manila-Baguio Bus Trips

Dagupan Bus Lines

+632-727-2330, +632-929-6123
Terminal: New York Street, Cubao, Quezon City
Departure Time: every hour except 2:00AM-4:00AM, daily

*Saulog Transit (sister company of Dagupan Bus) has Cavite-Manila-Baguio (and vice-versa) trips
+632-825-2926 or 825-2972 or 825-2930
Terminal: 1377 Quirino Ave., Parañaque

Victory Liner

Terminal: EDSA, Cubao, Quezon City
Departure Time: every hour, daily
Fare: P450.00

Terminal: EDSA, Pasay City
+632-833-5019 to 20
Departure Time: every hour, daily
Fare: P460.00

Terminal: España, corner Galicia Street, Sampaloc, Manila
Departure Time:
— 4:30AM
— 7:30AM
— 1:00PM
— 3:00PM
Fare: P450.00

Philippine Rabbit

Terminal: 819 Oroquieta Street, Manila

Dangwa Bus

Terminal: 1600 Dimasalang, Sampaloc, Manila

Baguio-Sagada Bus Trips

GL Trans / Lizardo Bus

Terminal: Dangwa Station at the back of Center Mall, Baguio
Departure Time:
6:30AM Ambasing via Sagada
8:00AM Besao via Sagada
9:00AM Ambasing via Sagada
10:00AM Besao via Sagada
11:00AM Ambasing via Sagada
1:00PM Besao via Sagada

You may also reach Sagada via Banaue and Bontoc.

26 thoughts on “Manila-Baguio-Sagada

  1. Hi,

    Are there vehicles with experienced drivers we can rent to get to sagada? I want to bring my 70 year old mom, & while she is still strong, she may not be too comfortable during the 6 hour rough road trip.


  2. hello,

    thanks for the above info.

    does gl or lizardo sell tickets day/s in advance before the trip? say i will leave baguio on thursday and i will send someone to buy the tickets for us on tuesday or wednesday?



  3. No, GL/Lizardo does not sell tickets days in advance. In Baguio, you may get a ticket or two (not more than that) for buses scheduled to leave for Sagada (or Bontoc for that matter) on that day only. In Sagada, they do not offer reservation services.

    If, however, you are a big group enough to fill a bus, you may charter a trip in advance.

    It is best to contact GL/Lizardo directly since they can change their policies without prior notice. Hope you will find your trip full of adventure notwithstanding!

  4. Hello we are two (2) pax wanting to take the Cable Tours to Bontoc from Solano, Nueva Vizcaya. We need to know what time the Cable Tour bus passes Solano so we can be ready to catch early morning. Do we have to make reservation for December 24 or 25 or 26 for two seats from Solano to Bontoc? Please help us we want to see Bontoc. Thank you so much. Billy

  5. Billy, it would be better if you take any public utility vehicle from Solano to Banaue. Then from Banaue take the jeepney going to Bontoc.

    Most likely the Cable Tours bus will be full on those days.

  6. just want to know if it is advisable to take a package tour going to sagada… me and my wife wants to see and visit the famous rice terraces too… what will be your advise to a travelling couple…. our target dates will be on march 27-29… thank you very much and i hope to hear from you soon

  7. JC, please check your email.

    If you could travel on your own from wherever you are coming to Sagada, you wouldn’t really need to pay for an organized tour. Once you get to Sagada, you have several options to choose from. Just visit the Municipal Tourist Information Center.

  8. i didnt receive any e-mails… never the less… im coming from manila and might take the bus the night before to baguio then from there i think there is a bus to sagada… i hope going to sagada aint that difficult and we wont get lost or run into any kind of trouble… the municipal tourist information center is not difficult to find or do we have to take extra transpo after going down the bus… thanks again and i hope its not kind of inconvenience of any kind

  9. Hi i want to know whats the last ride from Sagada to Baguio. we are planning a side trip to baguio fr sagada. out route will be manila – banaue – bontoc- sagada, then going back its sagada to baguio then manila

  10. hello there,

    what is the easiest/fastest way to get to sagada coming from manila ?if i take a plane going to isabela, may way ba papuntang sagada? if i take the bus, what is the most convenient transit?
    it will be my first time to go to sagada and i would like to plan it thoroughly. thanks

  11. may i know how much is the fare from baguio to sagada via lizardo bus line?

  12. Hi! i tried locating in the net both GL and Lizardo for some info i needed for our upcoming 2nd trip to Sagada. do you have any link or their email ad? any idea of the bus fare for the ff routes: Baguio-Sagada; Manila-Banaue-Bontoc-Sagada. This would be the first time we’re not using a private van travelling Baguio to Sagada. Please provide info. Thnx.

  13. Hi..
    I want to ask how much bus tickets cost from cavite to baguio?or manila to baguio? back and forth for 3 persons.. and how long will it take to get there? i’m planning to go this september to the philippines and it will be very nice and i’ll be thankful to have some answers 🙂 thanks

    greetings from switzerland

  14. hi good morning is it advisable to visit sagada now? What is the weather there ryt now i’m planning to go baguio by weds. afternoon. what is the best time to take a bus going to sagada. Can u please also advise me the cheapest and nearest place where i can stay. what about halal food is it available there? thank u so much

  15. Hi.
    We are going ti sagada on jan 11-15. I have been there. And stayed at st Joseph. Before its just 200 per night solo room w common bathroom but that was 4 years ago. Have you got any idea how much di they charge now for solo room w common bathroom? I like the ambiance of st Joseph.
    DI you have any suggestions Baka may Ibang places to stay pa. Mga 5 kami.

    Thanks a lot,

  16. Hi! we are on a private car going to sagada. can you advise us how to go to sagada from baguio? thanks!

  17. Pwede po bang malaman yung schedule ng trip from Baguio to sagada. Plan po nmin puntahan ang mt kiltepan. Salamat po.

  18. Hi, is possible to know the fare rates ahead? We are planning to visit this 20-24 of August 2015. Thank you.

  19. I would like to know if what is the best way of transportation in going to Sagada and what time it is available coz we will be travelling to Sagada on Jan 5 to 7 and we will just ride Victory line bus from Manila to Baguio

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