One thought on “Internal Revenue Allotment

  1. Tes Gangcuangco

    Good Day!

    To Whom it may concern:

    I’m Marie Tes Gangcuangco, and I’m currently taking my masteral degree in Integrated Marketing Communications in De la Salle University-Manila. I’ve visited Sagada last year with my college friends and I didn’t expect to have a great time since I was just invited and didn’t even know of the place till we got there.

    I’m interested to use Sagada in my campaign paper since I believe that many people like me (during my first time) is missing out on a great adventure. We usually opt to have our vacations in beaches or even Baguio when in fact just a few more kilometers from Baguio, there’s a place called Sagada where you can have lots of activities to enjoy.

    I would like to ask if the local government of Sagada can help me in accomplishing my paper. The goal of my paper is to do a promotional campaign for Sagada.

    Hoping for your kind consideration. It will help me alot if there’s someone whom I can contact for queries and data gathering

    Thank you,


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