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Sagada gamig Wen baw sumaa ta basta no umdan ta ya baken gamig nan isabat ama. Gamig, or bolo, is a big knife.


Ya nu kanan ama ay awitem nan gimata ay ngata makisaa ka? Gimata is a double bamboo basket tied to both ends of a wooden pole and traditionally carried by men on their shoulder. Translation: If father says you carry this basket, would you come home with me? It is part of the culture for… Read more »


Ay no kanan ina en agtuwem nan lowa ay makisaa ka ngata? Labba, or lowa, is a bamboo basket traditionally carried by women.


No laydem sumaa ta
Sumaa ta’s baey da ama

Adi ka umgyat isnan daan
Tay picture lang na, baken na’s tet-ewa

Cliff coffins also in Camboadia and China

Sagada may be known for its hanging coffins. But this practice is not unique to the i-Sagada. Ten burial spots have been found in the Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia. In Sichuan, China or the Three Gorges, the earliest cliff coffin may be as old as 1,500 years old. National Geographic: Cliff Coffins in Cambodia

Sagada Tour Guide

Sagada tour guide If you have nothing left to sell but your culture wouldn’t you don the g-string of your ancestors to appease the appetite of tourists for entertainment ‘round the Christmas bonfire? Beat the gongs now and wake the ghosts from their slumber. There’s enough time to worry about their wrath later when the… Read more »

More Kiltepan Sunrise Photos

New day, new me. Kiltepan Sunrise Sagada, Philippines 03 March 2010 6:03am Touch the sky. Kiltepan Sunrise Sagada, Philippines 03 March 2010 5:56am

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When is the best time to visit Sagada?

1. It is a good time to visit Sagada during weekdays in the months of July, August and September. You would be avoiding the tourist crowds. 2. It is a good time to visit Sagada when city life gets you all stressed out. 3. It is a good time to visit Sagada from December to… Read more »