Shocking record of a typhoon that flooded part of Sagada

There’s a song in Sagada about an ark very much like Noah’s Ark. It’s a fun song perfect for small group bonfires. The song was written at the high school dorm sometime after the war — World War II.

But while the song talks about monkeys without tails and a lot of other animals, the song reminds everyone of what happened in 1908 (and several other times). While Sagada has a mountainous terrain, its valleys get submerged during storms. That one time, it was really bad.

Here’s what Staunton had to say:


Meanwhile, the song about the ark, Norton’s Ark, was written in the mid-50’s perhaps. There was a Physics experiment about buoyancy so they built a small dam in Latang (that small stream you pass by on your way to Bokong from Echo Valley). Well, a storm decided to show up, and the boat on that small dam was shattered into pieces (not sure about the shattered part).

Norton came long after Staunton, but the song about the ark and the flooding of 1908 –two different things — should remind the i-Sagada and visitors how fragile this small town is.

And so we go back to talking about buoyancy and head to Bokong. Who wants to do the buwis-buhay jump? Be sure to check there’s water before you actually jump. Who knows Bokong might totally dry up this summer.


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