One thought on “Church of St. Mary the Virgin

  1. 24 June, 1916

    Sydney Morning Herald


    The Rev. A. E. Frost, formerly of Broken Hill, is now in
    charge of the mission of St. Mary the Virgin at Sagada, Philippine Islands, under Bishop Brent of the American Church.

    Transcribe: Graham S. Eames – 2010/12/20

    15 September, 1925

    Barrier Miner


    The Rev. A. E. Frost, a former vicar of St. Peters’s Church, Broken Hill, has retired from his work at the Sagada Mission in the Philippines Islands, and is back England. At present he is on the staff of St. Albans Holborn.

    Transcribe: Graham S. Eames – 2010/12/30

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