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  1. Hi everyone!! i want to inform you na my father is from Ambasing, Sagada.. Im glad na nagkaroon na ng computer lab diyan and to the point pa na abs cbn pa ang nag donate .. They are kind_hearted kasi,, How I wish na makakabalik pa ako jan para ma visit ko yung bahay ng mga relatives ko … Please add me at your facebook… circealigzgayyad@ymail.com!!! My mama naman is from Bagnen , sagada… So that means I’m a pure igorot… guys, pagbutihin natin ang pag-aaral natin because Im a student too.. Goodluck…

  2. I was born on October 19; 1997… sana makaahon na rin ang economy sa Ambasing!!

  3. Manemnem ko et issa san nin aya-ayaman mi is baseball… hehehe… gawis nu wada kuma’y oras ay makapashar issa… 🙂

  4. yup, guys. AmES was first sponsored by GMA Kapuso Foundation. However, ABS-CBN brought bigger blessings to the school, including the laboratory. Let us just be thankful for the blessings that our brother and sisters there are enjoying. Hoping that administrators of school will efficiently manage the blessings.

  5. hi… I am a teacher from Manila.. do you have any idea how can I contact any admin of Ambasing Elementary School? I really want to apply in any school in Cordillera.. please help me… uysherrlene@yahoo.com

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