Wild horses

Find some horses, but be sure not to get lost yourself.

You might see them if you get there early. They run away once they hear motorcycles approaching.

Last days of summer

Things will never be the same again. Regular afternoons rains are chasing away the seemingly endless summer vacation.

Cultural Immersion

Students from all over Mountain Province gathered in Sagada for a provincial culture and arts festival.

Sagada Fiesta 2014

Wild fire murmurs: Since its not election time, there won’t be blatant electoral campaigns for sure. And there won’t be funds from the industrial wind farm corporation that would make the town hall their extension office, don’t you think? How about the SMART singing contest where you make the kids pay first before you let […]

New Year’s at Danum

It is common for those who are staying in Sagada to celebrate New year’s Day by going to Danum for an extended family picnic. Did you go to Danum today?