Bus straight to Manila starting this April

A new bus line will ply the Manila-Sagada route via Banaue starting this April. Coda/KMS Lines, will have one bus starting from Manila going to Sagada at 8 in the evening and another from Sagada going to Manila at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Movie shot in Sagada in theaters this February 2015

A movie partially shot in Sagada – That Thing Called Tadhana – will be shown in theaters this February 2015. It is a romantic comedy about a broken-hearted tourist filmed to delight the Manila audience and would make them cry and get on the next bus to Sagada.

Wild horses

Find some horses, but be sure not to get lost yourself.

You might see them if you get there early. They run away once they hear motorcycles approaching.

Last days of summer

Things will never be the same again. Regular afternoons rains are chasing away the seemingly endless summer vacation.